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Why choose the Wellsys bottle-less water solution?

It's a smarter alternative to bottled-water solutions

•  More cost-effective e.g. save money with fixed monthly payments, no delivery charges or bottle
   deposits, etc.
•  Provides purified, filtered water that's healthier and tastes great
•  Free of airborne contaminants and bacteria commonly present in traditional bottled solutions
•  Never runs out of water because it is directly plumbed to your cold water tap line to ensure
   continuous water supply
•  Eliminates bottle storage and office clutter
•  Maintenance free e.g. no changing of bottles or disinfecting of cooler

Go GREEN—it's environmentally friendly

•  Eliminates the need for petroleum that is used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles
•  Reduces dumping of non-biodegradable plastic bottles in landfills
•  Reduces greenhouse gases from delivery truck emissions and manufacturing processes

Includes FREE professional installation and reliable customer service

                                                Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation

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