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WellsysNY - A water purification specialist serving businesses of all sizes

WellsysNY specializes in providing cost effective, bottle-less water purification solutions to businesses. Featuring a unique state-of-the-art 8-step purification process, our solutions are designed to provide safe, healthy, great tasting water without the extra costs, inconveniences and contaminates associated with traditional delivered bottled-water systems.

Our 8-step purification process removes contaminates while enhancing nutrients and taste
The purification units use innovative water purification technology that combines the following processes:

Filtration: a rigorous 5-stage filtration process removes foreign particles, chemicals,
pharmaceuticals and more!

• Sediment filter removes larger particles such as dirt, silt, lead, rust and pipe residue
• Pre-carbon filter removes chlorine, harmful chemicals and pesticides and THMs
• Ultra-fine filter removes smaller particles including pharmaceuticals
• pH-carbon filter balances the water's pH level
• TCR-polish filter eliminates odors and enhances taste

Sanitization: eliminates bacteria

Nutrient Boost: adds back helpful antioxidants and minerals (calcium and magnesium)

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